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Child Sponsorship – Help Kids In Desperate Need In Western Kenya

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Already a Child Sponsor?

We would like to say huge ‘Thank You’ to all of our current Child Sponsors for choosing to support those in need at our Noah’s Ark and St Irene’s Early Childhood Development Centres.

Your sponsorship really does change lives, and by doing so you are not only giving our children an education, food and medical care, but you are giving them hope for a better, brighter future. From everyone at The Nasio Trust both in the UK and Kenya – Asante Sana!

If you already sponsor a child and are looking for other ways to continue your support of The Nasio Trust, there are many way you can do this.

Fundraising & Events

There are many UK based Events taking place throughout the year promoted by The Nasio Trust which you can get involved with.

Here is a list of just a few things you could do to challenge yourself while raising money for our charity… There’s lots to choose from.

Whether you chose to run a Marathon or host a Coffee Morning, the Nasio Team are always on hand to offer their support and will be there at the side lines to cheer you on!

Alternatively you can show you support by joining us at one of our social events. From a formal dinner to a casual lunch, we like to give our supporters the opportunity to meet other supporters of the charity and celebrate the success that’s been achieved over the years. Always look at our social media pages for any up and coming socials or your emails for invites and notifications.

To find out more about fundraising and events please get in contact by emailing or calling 01235 856290

Make the Trip to Kenya

There’s always to opportunity to experience first-hand how The Nasio Trust’s work makes a real difference to your sponsored child and their community by visiting them in Kenya. Whether that be by Volunteering with us at one of our projects or even Climbing Kilimanjaro, it can be a huge boost to community morale and will leave you and your sponsored child with special memories and an even closer bond.

A visit to Kenya will include:

  • Meeting the child you are sponsoring and their family
  • Seeing their village and community with Nasio Trust staff and visiting the projects made possible by sponsors like you
  • Experiencing the culture of another country
  • Seeing how we are changing lives and communities through your support

If you would like to find out more about making a visit to Kenya or taking part in one of our adventure challenges please get in contact by emailing or calling 01235 856290

Buy an Alternative Gift

With anything from a mosquito net, solar light, the building of a fish pond or a new medical centre there are a number of alternative gifts in our shop that you can purchase in order to support our children and their families further.

From as little as £4.00 you can really change a life! Visit our Alternative Gift page to see ways you can make a difference.

Increase Your Sponsorship Level

Every donation made to the Child Sponsorship programme makes a huge difference to a child’s life. However, if you would like to increase your monthly sponsorship to make a greater difference to the children’s lives, please contact us and we can set this up. Full sponsorship of a child is £25 a month (primary education), and £50 a month (secondary education). This ensures they will receive education, medical care, a hot meal, a uniform and all of the school supplies they need such as books and pencils.

Leave a Gift in Your Will

If you are interested in securing the future of your child, what many of our supporters consider is leaving a gift in their will to ensure their child receives the best possible education, guidance and support into adulthood. The Nasio Trust can talk you through the options of including your child in your Will, or alternatively leaving a one off donation. A legacy gift could make a sizeable impact, bringing us closer to realising our vision by eliminating the problem of HIV orphans in western Kenya and ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty in the region.

Click Here to find out more about this option or get in contact with one of the team by emailing or calling 01235 856290

Word of Mouth

Sometimes it’s the most simple of things that can be the most effective and just by talking to your friends and family and sharing your love and passion for The Nasio Trust can help increase our number of supporters.

You can encourage people to visit our websites and social media pages to find out more information on the work The Nasio Trust does.



Reach Out and Make Contact

We really do encourage our Child Sponsor’s to build a relationship with their sponsored child. One thing you could do is write a letter or send a gift which we will always ensure reaches your child as soon as possible. Birthdays and Christmas’s are a great way for you to start to get to know your child more. Our carers and teachers at the centres will encourage your child to write a reply, to ensure that you receive a personal thank you.

Send all letters, cards and gifts to The Nasio Trust, 10 Broad Street, Abingdon, Oxford, OX14 3LH