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Can I Send Letters and Gifts to the Child I Sponsor?


We happily encourage our sponsors to write to their sponsored child. Due to the often unreliable postal service in Kenya, we’ll often scan and email your letters to ensure they are received in good time.

The easiest way to send letters is through The Nasio UK Office address at:

The Nasio Trust
15 The Chambers
OX14 3FE

or by email to

Physical Gifts:

It’s very difficult for us to get physical gifts to the children in Kenya. Luckily we have a system which allows you to purchase alternative gifts online which we’ll then acquire locally and give to your sponsored child.

Buy directly from your child’s profile page using the button provided.

Birthdays and Christmas are a great opportunity to show your sponsored child that you care for them by sending a gift!

Monetary Gifts:

Monetary gifts can be sent as a cheque or donated directly through our website (please clearly state the funds are for a gift and give your supported child’s name if appropriate) and a member of our team in Kenya can choose an appropriate gift on your behalf. Once the money has been received in Kenya our local staff will meet with your sponsored child and their family to choose the perfect gift. All gifts are sourced locally, so you’ll be helping to boost the local economy too. Your gifted money may be used to buy clothes, household equipment or even livestock!

Our children really do value contact from their sponsors. The letters and gifts you send will be treasured.