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Can I Visit My Sponsored Child?

Your visit to see your sponsored child will be a trip of a lifetime, it is also a fantastic opportunity to experience first-hand how The Nasio Trust’s work makes a real difference to your sponsored child and their community. It can be a huge boost to community morale and will leave you and your sponsored child with special memories and an even closer bond.

A visit to your sponsored child will include:

  • Meeting the child you are sponsoring and their family
  • Seeing their village and community with Nasio Trust staff and visiting the projects made possible by sponsors like you
  • Experiencing the culture of another country
  • Seeing how we are changing lives and communities through your support

Feeling inspired? Visit our Sponsor Stories page to take a look at fellow Sponsors’ talk of their experiences, thoughts and emotions on spending time with their sponsored child and seeing The Nasio Trust’s work first-hand.

Planning your visit:

Find out more on this page.