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What Communications Do I Receive As a Nasio Trust Child Sponsor?

Once you become a Child Sponsor you will receive a Welcome Pack that includes a photo of your sponsored child, their family history, plus specific details on how your sponsored child will benefit from your sponsorship.

Each year you will receive an updated photograph of your sponsored child.

You will also receive an Annual Report Card on your child’s well-being and education, along with a hand-written thank you letter or drawing directly from your child.

You will also receive newsletters and updates in the post about the charity as a whole, as well as regular email alerts to events, projects and campaigns that you can be involved in.

Please note that we will only send in depth updates on your sponsored child as and when we receive an update from our Kenyan team.

We really do appreciate any feedback our Child Sponsors can give us with regards to their sponsorship. Therefore if you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to contact our Child Sponsorship Officer, at info@nullthenasiotrust.org