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What is the Education System like in Kenya?

The education system currently used in Kenya is the 2-8-4-4 system, which means:

  • 2 – Two years at an ECD (Early Childhood Education Centre) (Aged 4+)
  • 8 – Eight years to be spent in Primary Education (Aged 6+)
  • 4 – Four years to be spent in Secondary Education (Aged 14+)
  • 4 – Then four years on University Education (Aged 18+)

The Nasio Trust run 2 ECDs with a holistic approach and a special focus on the needs of the children in the areas where we work. We offer a fantastic head start on a child’s education.

At 6 or 7 years of age the children then begin their primary education (with a fantastic head start).

Please note that the school year in Kenya runs from January until December.