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Japheth’s Journey

Japheth was a Nasio supported child who is now employed as an Education Coordinator for The Nasio Trust! This is his story…

I am Musindalo Japheth. A total orphan and of the Nasio Trust Beneficiaries. I joined the Nasio Trust organization in the year 2009. This was after the death of my mother and my brother which occurred the same year. The two incidences were indeed a big blow to my entire life. They left me not only hopeless but also homeless after a place I used to call a home was demolished.

Following these tragic events, and by the grace of the Lord, I was enrolled to the Nasio Trust programme.

The Nasio Trust Organization started supporting me both emotionally, financially and spiritually including shelter, clothing and medication. The act instilled a new hope in me. It also made me to realize that when one door closes another one opens through the hands of God.

Through the Nasio Trust great support, I sat for my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams (K.C.P.E) in the year 2009

Through the Nasio Trust great support, I sat for my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams (K.C.P.E) in the year 2009 and managed to achieve high grades which gave me an opportunity to join Chebuyusi Boys High school (Secondary Education)

In the year 2010, I joined Chebuyusi Boys High School through the Nasio Trust support. Since the Nasio Trust provided all the requirements needed for one to stay in school including school uniforms and school fees, I sat for my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education ( KCSE) in the year 2014. It’s through the motivation I received from Nasio Trust organization that enabled me to achieve higher grades which again gave me a humble opportunity to join higher education level ( University).

In the year 2014, I joined Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology to persue Bachelors of Education and later graduated in the year 2018 with a degree in teaching.

Indeed it’s through the Nasio Trust great support that I have seen primary, secondary and University doors. This also made me to realize that, life sometimes does not turn out exactly as we want. Sometimes it may give you a blow from which you think you cannot recover. But if you still have a breath, always reel back and continue fighting, for today is not yesterday everyday rises fresh from the hands of God bringing with it light and darkness, joy and sorrow.

I am still waiting for the Government allocation which always takes long because of the high number of trained teachers in Kenya.

At the moment am doing tutorial lessons to my brothers and sisters at Nasio Trust and also helping with data collection with the Nasio Trust team.

I therefore pass my sincere gratitude to the Nasio Trust organization and all well-wishers for the love and support they have been providing on to me from childhood up to date.