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Lucas is inspiring us all during lockdown

20-year old Lucas is single-handedly making recycled hand wash containers!

In 2015, Lucas, aged only 12 was left under the care of his 14-year-old brother when their parents died. Now a 20-year-old, Lucas has taken on sole responsibility for four of his siblings as one of Nasio’s child-headed families. Thanks to Nasio sponsorship he’s training as a plumber at a local college.

Despite his college currently being closed due to the pandemic he has a heart for service and wanted to do his bit to curb the virus.

Lucas’ one-man hand washing production line has already produced 88 containers in only two weeks!

These containers have been part of our Covid awareness support to our farmers across the community meaning they can wash their hands and maintain hygiene while continuing to farm safely to produce much needed food during the pandemic. Thank you Lucas for your hard work and your inspiring, community-focused example. The Nasio team are very proud of all you have achieved.

We’re heartened to see the whole Mumias and Musanda community strengthening day-by-day through this crisis. This is one of many stories of hope amid such difficult challenges.