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Noah’s Ark

We believe children should not grow up in institutions in isolation from society because of poverty, sickness, disease or death of parents. Children should live in a loving family with dignity without being stigmatised by the cause of their vulnerability.

The first Noah’s Ark Early Childhood Development Centre for HIV orphans was started in 2001 by Irene’s daughter Lorna. It was located in a road-side kiosk at Mumias in western Kenya and catered for about 16 disadvantaged children. The purpose of the centre was to provide them with schooling, food, clothing, medical care and guidance on behaviour.

The old building had been due for demolishing by the authorities because it was too near the main road for the safety of the children. After extensive fund-raising, a new enlarged centre was built at a cost of £30,000 for the care of the children.

The new Noah’s Ark Centre was officially opened on 22 November 2005. It presently has over 200 children in its care and has a Head Teacher, teaching staff, a cook, a caretaker; and a secretary. The pre-school children are taught to a very high standard and a number of children from the local primary school are also cared for with a meal everyday as well as medical support.

A Typical Day at Noah’s Ark

The children who come each day receive classroom lessons and care, as well as time for playing. They are provided with a meal which often includes ugali (maize meal, not unlike our porridge) or rice with meat or vegetables. For some of the children this will be their only meal for the day. We keep a watchful eye on their health, particularly those who are HIV Positive. There are also a number of children attending the nearby Township Primary School who come for lunch and are they and their guardians are given much-needed support.

Why do we need an Early Childhood Development Centre?

AIDS and HIV are rife in Africa, and frequently deprive families of their breadwinners, leaving children orphaned. With no one to look after them. Families are often extended, and widely dispersed, so it is not unusual to find a 12 year old trying to provide for siblings, or a grandmother trying to do the same. Some of them manage to make out. However, many do not, and the future for these children is bleak indeed.

Orphanages are few and far between – and they are seldom free. However, there is an alternative – Noah’s Ark and St Irene’s – Early Childhood Development Centres, which have been set up to enable these orphans to lead a normal life in homes with grandparents, older siblings or guardians to look after them. However, this only works if there are people ready and able to take the children into their homes.


Image – Noah’s Ark 2016 School Photo