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D.O.B 21/03/2009

Abdul’s Story:

Abdul is the third born in a large family of five. Sadly his mother passed away when he was only nine days old. Abdul began attending Noah’s Ark day care center on 16 Januray2014 at the age of 5.

Abdul lives with his father and stepmother to which his father supports the family through casual jobs in the local town, such as transporting people’s luggage on a cart. However he suffers from very poor health, and this sometimes results in irregular work making it very difficult for him to sufficiently provide for his five children.

When Abdul was first admitted it was identified through a health assessment that he was suffering from very bad nutrition and was severely infected by worms, he was not fluent in speech and was very withdrawn.

After two years of being with us Abdul has flourished reaching middle class, becoming an average academic performer and an active member of his class fluently interacting with his teachers and classmates. The Nasio Trust has also been supporting Abduls father assisting him with finding regular work as well as medical and psychosocial support.



D.O.B 12/10/2010

Mediatrix’s Story:

Mediatrix is the youngest in a family of five, supported only by her mother as her father suddenly passed away after short-term illness. Her mother is a small-scale farmer; farming the little land her husband left her.

When Mediatrix joined Noah’s Ark on the 8 January 2014 she was immediately identified as being malnourished and very withdrawn and was straightaway placed on a special diet program and medication. After being very closely monitored her health has greatly improved, she is now very jovial and is the top performer in her class.



D.O.B 29/01/2006

Vincent’s Story:

Vincent joined the Noah’s Ark day car center when he was 9 years old, and was introduced to Noah’s Ark through another previous guardian.

Due to a very difficult childhood Vincent could not speak Kiswahili, English or interact with anybody except his mother, who is also partially death. Vincent’s father passed away when he was only two years old. Due to his mother’s physical challenges, Vincent and his mother were disowned and chased away from the family home by his father’s family. They then went to live with his maternal grandmother who is an amputee due to long-term diabetes. Although Vincent’s mother suffers from poor health she is the breadwinner through irregular casual jobs.

Now through extra attention in class Vincent can fluently speak Kiswahili and is beginning to become fluent in English as well being able to read and write. The Nasio Trust support Vincent, his mother and grandmother with food and psychosocial support, Vincent and his family now live happily.



D.O.B 18/09/2009

Sheban’s Story:

Sheban is the second child in a family of four. When Sheban was admitted to Noah’s Ark on the 19 January 2016 after a medical test it was identified he was severely infected with ringworms, his health condition was poor and he was often sickly.

Sheban lives with both parents although they live under very poor conditions with irregular work, thus being unable to meet daily needs such as food and sanitation.

After close monitoring of Sheban, as well as supporting his family with hygiene training and regular food he is now of good health and performs well in class.



D.O.B 27/04/2002

Manzur’s Story:

On admission in January 2008 Manzur was healthy but suffering from serious dental problems. His mother who was a widow and suffers from very poor health brought Manzur to the center. In 2013 Manzur’s mother was also diagnosed with cervical cancer, and unfortunately she very sadly passed away in July 2015.

At the funeral of his mother it was discovered that Manzur was born out of wedlock and that was not his original home. This lead to family conflict, which was resolved through the help of The NasioTrust.

It was later discovered that Mansur’s biological father was still alive; with the help of the charity he was traced and reunited with Manzur. He now lives with his father in a small village 4km away from Noah’s Ark; Manzur now has stability enabling him to perform well in class, he is also healthy.




Andrew Okuku is a 4 year old boy who is currently in baby class at St Irene Day care. He is one of the most vulnerable children that we have at the centre. Andrew has really developed a great deal ever since we admitted him in January 2015. When he was admitted in, Andrew could only speak in his mother tongue, and was completely withdrawn. But due to his willingness to learn and his high commitment in school Andrew has managed to achieve a lot in his time at St Irene.

He lives 4 kilometers away from the school where he walks every day to school with his older brother Ibrahim who is 5 years old. His father is blind and deaf while the mother is unemployed, and does casual jobs to be able to provide for the family. Andrew has improved a lot socially. He is now able to converse with his fellow pupils in Swahili and is able to respond whenever someone talks to him in English.


Saidi is 8 years old and is currently in top class. Coming from a very poor family, his parents did not really see the value in having an education. Because of this Saidi did not have access to education at the required age.

Early this year, Saidi had a chance to join Noah’s Ark Day Care Centre. This was after a member of staff from the charity found him and his sister roaming the streets during school days. An assessment on their background was carried out and this gave Saidi an opportunity to join the centre.

At the time Saidi was malnourished and infected with jiggers in his fingers, feet and other parts of his body. Since then he is being well looked after by staff and at the moment the jiggers are healing. He is getting plenty of healthy food which has also improved his health.

With no hope of an education early on in life, Saidi now has a reason to smile. Through the support of The Nasio Trust, not only does Saidi interact with other children he has access to education, a good feeding programme, clothing and medication. Though he missed out to education in baby and middle class, Saidi is working extremely hard and trying his level best to catch up with other children in his class. Since his enrollment his main focus has been his education.

Saidi has always been thankful to anyone who gives him and his family support. In June 2015 his Sponsors visited him and his family and bought them bedding and utensils, which Saidi and his family didn’t expect. He couldn’t have thanked them more.

Saidi is working very hard and has dreams and ambitions to become a Builder, so as one day he can construct houses for people who don’t have shelter.