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Success Story: Abdul Anaam

Abdul is the third born in a large family of five. Sadly his mother passed away when he was only nine days old. Abdul began attending Noah’s Ark day care centre on 16 January 2014 at the age of 5.

Abdul lives with his father and stepmother to which his father supports the family through casual jobs in the local town, such as transporting people’s luggage on a cart. However he suffers from very poor health, and this sometimes results in irregular work making it very difficult for him to sufficiently provide for his five children.

he was suffering from very bad nutrition and was severely infected by worms

When Abdul was first admitted it was identified through a health assessment that he was suffering from very bad nutrition and was severely infected by worms, he was not fluent in speech and was very withdrawn.

After two years of being with us Abdul has flourished reaching middle class, becoming an average academic performer and an active member of his class fluently interacting with his teachers and classmates. The Nasio Trust has also been supporting Abdul’s father assisting him with finding regular work as well as medical and psychosocial support.