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Success Story: Andrew Okuku

Andrew Okuku is a 4 year old boy who is currently in baby class at St Irene Day care. He is one of the most vulnerable children that we have at the centre.

Andrew has really developed a great deal ever since we admitted him in January 2015. When he was admitted in, Andrew could only speak in his mother tongue, and was completely withdrawn. But due to his willingness to learn and his high commitment in school Andrew has managed to achieve so much in his time at St Irene’s.

Andrew has managed to achieve so much in his time at St Irene’s

He lives 4 kilometers away from the school where he walks every day to school with his older brother Ibrahim who is 5 years old. His father is blind and deaf while the mother is unemployed, and does casual jobs to be able to provide for the family. Andrew has improved a lot socially.

He is now able to converse with his fellow pupils in Swahili and is able to respond whenever someone talks to him in English.