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Sylvia’s Story

My name is Sylvia Omurunga and I am 24 years old, a second born in a family of three siblings.

My parents divorced when I was 9 months old and my mother took me back with her to her parents home. I was brought up at my maternal grandparents. My mother died in 2014 when I was 16 years old. After my mother’s death we were left alone and we had to manage ourselves in a child headed family alongside my sibling and cousins for one year before the family members brought in one of my elder cousins to take care of us.

I joined Nasio Trust in 2014 when I was in form two. I count it a blessing because Nasio Trust has helped me through my secondary education by paying my school fees and this happened like a miracle to me because I had no hope of continuing with my education but God was Faithful and opened a door of being enrolled in the program.

After my secondary education, I started volunteering at Nasio Trust where I gained passion of taking a course in Early Childhood Education to enable me interact and both with children. The opportunity helped me remained focused and I started saving for my college enrollment at certificate level with the volunteer allowance I used to get.

I joined Kakamega Hill Teachers Training College in 2017 for a certificate course in Early Childhood Education and was still attending my classes that was stopped with Covid- 19 pandemic. I never gave up even after getting into marriage because I want to fulfil my vision of being a teacher and even get my diploma certificate if things work well.

Currently I am engaging in Nasio programs where I work with the children, helping in cleaning and helping the young children to learn how to read story books. I really thank God for this opportunity and pray that I get to achieve my goals and come back and help changing lives of the beneficiaries. It also helps me encourage beneficiaries who are orphans like me to always work hard pray to God and never give up in life.

Nasio Trust is a blessing to me and I am so happy to be in the family.