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The Booys Family Technology and Engineering Bursary

We’re very excited to announce a new bursary being generously offered by Richard and Sue Booys.

The importance of encouraging the children we support into further/higher education cannot be overstated if we’re to achieve our goal of creating self-sufficient communities.

This fantastic bursary will support a student for a course, of up to three years, at a technical college, studying any aspect of engineering or technology, particularly mechanical or building engineering and surveying.

The bursary will be open to a student who has worked hard and adhered to Nasio Trust principles throughout their education. The bursary is available to both boys and girls who are disciplined and have shown commitment and aptitude to study. Although based entirely on merit the bursary is particularly interested in encouraging girls to study engineering.

We’ll keep you updated!

(Image courtesy of Simon Blower)