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We love the gifts you send!

Tabitha is one of the children who benefited directly from our child sponsorship programme. Now she is giving back by becoming a volunteer! Here’s a touching account she wrote about how the kids respond to gifts sent in by their sponsors. If you’d like to send a gift to your sponsored child please contact us and we’ll make it happen…

Vanessa is one of the children who have been privileged enough to get a gift from their sponsors this past week and is beside herself with utter excitement! she could barely believe it as she received not one but TWO dolls. this blog post may as well be filled with exclamation points because that is exactly how they feel every time a gift comes in the mail for them!!

As soon as i asked Vanessa to come into the office with me and Rajab, i saw a small shy and sweet looking girl with Large curious eyes, wondering just what she had done to be called out of class. “haia haia” (an exclamation that children make when someone is in trouble; quite similar to uhh ohh) the other children chanted. I could almost see her tremble in her shirt that seemed to be two sizes big and she walked slowly towards me, someone she had never seen before, in bewilderment.

As soon as Vanessa saw the parcel I was holding, she gasped! she knew what was inside already!! i let her open the parcel and she later started to cry because she was so excited and had never had a doll before.

she later started to cry because she was so excited and had never had a doll before

she quickly suggested writing a letter to her sponsor and immediately picked out coloured stickers to spell thankyou.Children like Vanessa make my heart smile; simple things make them so happy and therein is the key to loving life. before Vanessa left school with her goodies, she said pointing at each doll one at a time “moja yangu na moja ya dada yangu” (one for me and one for my sister) such genuine kindness for her sister got the waterworks going, i couldn’t keep back a tear; everyone in my family has really close tears haha.

next was, Emmanuel who got some gifts from his sponsor, who sent him some boyish things that he thoroughly enjoyed and couldn’t stop smiling!!

now, sometimes the older boys and girls like to look tough and not smile especially during our photo session. but, Emmanuel could not stop smiling at the gifts he received. a special thanks to all of you who support these children with simple pleasures that they treasure like a prospector treasures a spot of gold. Emmanuel got a deck of cards and his favorite; a large magnifying glass, quite frankly the largest i have ever seen. he on the other hand totally forgot about his letter and dashed off to show his friends, we had to call him back to write it haha. he reluctantly turned around, wrote and adorned the letter and dashed off with a bashful smile on his face. the children are full of energy and are very grateful for their sponsors. please do not stop giving to these children and fulfilling more than their basic need, for they remain ever grateful.