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When Carly Met Samwell

The amazing Carly has given us permission to share her story!

“I met Samwell at Noah’s Ark Day Centre. He joined the program the week before, I noticed straight away how withdrawn he seemed, quiet, not smiley like the others.

I got to have a chat with his social worker to ask some background questions and what I heard brought me to tears. His father had drowned and his mother ran away so little Samwell was abandoned. He lives with his paternal grandmother now. A home visit was done and it was discovered he had no bedding so wasn’t sleeping at night, he also had no shoes as the batch from the charity that arrived the previous week didn’t have his size.

What made it hit home was that he was my youngest son’s age, that was tough to hear as all I could do was imagine my little one going through this.

After this meeting, Eve and I decided to scrap our original plan we had for the following day and go to visit Samwell’s home, look to see what he needs, then go to the shops and buy bedding and shoes along with anything he needs. I picked him up and tried to interact with him but nothing, as you can see he doesn’t even really want to picked up where the other kids were desperate for attention from us. I kissed his cheek and stroked his little face hoping that it might make him feel loved even for a short while.

I will never forget that time on our trip, more than any other! I will now be sponsoring Samwell each month.”

If you’d like to arrange to visit your sponsored child, you can contact us here.