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Child Sponsorship – Help Kids In Desperate Need In Western Kenya

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You Can Change A Life For Good


By deciding to sponsor a child each month at one of The Nasio Trust’s Day Care Centres you will be doing nothing short of changing a life forever.

What Sponsorship Means

The moment you start to support one of our children at St Irene’s or Noah’s Ark we instantly work on building that bond between you and your sponsored child. We’ll send you a Welcome Pack the moment your sponsorship begins which includes a photo of your child, their school test report, your sponsored child’s family history, plus a handmade card from your child in Kenya!

Here at The Nasio Trust we work hard in maintaining the relationship between sponsor and child and over the year you will receive further updates of your child and their progress. In return you too can send letters, cards and presents to your child if you wish. By sending them to us here at the UK office, we will always ensure your sponsored child receives their gift. In return you’ll receive a little something from Kenya to say Asante Sana!

Becoming part of your own family, over the years you will see your child grow and develop through school and further education, and watch as they flourish into adulthood and start to find employment.

(please note that the above fee’s are based on a child in Primary Education. Once a child enters Secondary Education then schools fee’s increase to double)

In addition, thanks to the government’s Gift Aid scheme and if you are a UK taxpayer, The Nasio Trust can reclaim the tax paid on your donations – increasing the value of your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you!

Want to Donate without Sponsoring a Child

We work tirelessly to offer ALL the children in our care:

  • The Opportunity to be Healthy – In a country devastated by HIV, and one where the next meal can never be taken for granted, we strive to offer nutrition, medical care and (perhaps most importantly) practical knowledge about health. By teaching our children the importance of simple hygiene we can minimise the risk of disease transmission and assure the future of a generation.
  • The Opportunity to Receive an Education – The key to breaking the cycle of poverty is not in offering handouts, or supporting people with charity for the duration of their lives. The Nasio Trust seeks to provide the knowledge and materials needed for all our children to gain a basic education. We therefore maximise their chances of being successful, and becoming an asset to their recovering communities.
  • Love – Many of the children in our care are to orphans who have no family to support or love them. Through contact with our centres we’re able to offer compassion, understanding and support that is otherwise not available. This in turn allows the children to feel self-confident and to develop the social skills they’ll need to become a rounded and settled individual as they grow.
  • A Childhood All of these elements come together to allow our children, to actually be children. If we can offer them the stability and confidence they need to express themselves, and a safe environment around which to grow up, we’ve accomplished everything our centres were set up to achieve.

By choosing to make a monthly donation to our cause without sponsoring a child means we can continue with our work and ensure that all the children within The Nasio Care (with or without a sponsor) receives the best start in life which is what all children deserve.

To make a regular payment to help continue this work please click here to DONATE NOW

Alternatively you can check out our Donation List  and make a one off payment towards helping to support our children and their families.

We cannot do this without your help… Please – sponsor a child today.