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Child Sponsorship – Help Kids In Desperate Need In Western Kenya

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Meet More Amazing Children

About The Nasio Trust

We’re empowering communities in Western Kenya to break the cycle of poverty by providing education, improving health and developing commerce through our sustainable income generating projects.

We believe children should not grow up in institutions in isolation from society because of poverty, sickness, disease or death of parents. Children should live with dignity in a loving family, and without being disadvantaged or stigmatised by the cause of their vulnerability.

Our goal is to change lives for good.

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A Day in the Life

Join Ruth on a typical day and see what it’s like for one of the children we support at Noah’s Ark Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD).

What Child Sponsorship Means to our Donors

Hear from existing supporters about their child sponsorship experience.

Our Early Childhood Development Centres

Education is a key factor in bringing about long-term sustainable change. Through our early childhood development centres…

This in turn allows them to invest back into the future of their own communities and break the cycle of poverty.

Noah’s Ark

The first Noah’s Ark Early Childhood Development Centre for HIV orphans was started in 2001 by Irene’s daughter Lorna. It was located in a road-side kiosk at Mumias in western Kenya and catered for about 16 disadvantaged children. The purpose of the centre was to provide them with schooling, food, clothing, medical care and guidance on behaviour.

The old building had been due for demolishing by the authorities because it was too near the main road for the safety of the children. After extensive fund-raising, a new enlarged centre was built at a cost of £30,000 for the care of the children.

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St Irene’s

In 2006, a group of young people from Berinsfield, UK travelled to Kenya to design and build a temporary day care centre next to Irene Mudenyo’s house. This project was managed by Irene herself until 2007 when she was taken ill with cancer. She died on 16 December 2007 leaving the centre with 37 children to support, two employed teachers, a cook and a nurse. Since her death the centre has been named in her honour – St Irene’s Early Childhood Development Centre.

Over the next two years funds were raised and a purpose-built centre was constructed.

Find out more about St Irene’s