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Melsa Achieng Ong’onga

  • Date of birth: 06/08/2020
  • Support needed: Up to £10.00 a month i

Melsa lives with her father, mother and brother in a one roomed, mud house. Unfortunately, their roof is leaking which floods the house when it rains.

The family have an eight of an acre of land, which they use to collect 20 tins of maize each harvest to try and sustain themselves.

Melsa is very happy to be joining St Irene’s in the playgroup class to start her education.

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Thank you for choosing to sponsor Melsa. Please choose either Direct Debit or Paypal for your monthly donation. You can cancel at any time.

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What sponsorship means

The moment you start to support one of our children at St Irene’s or Noah’s Ark we instantly work on building that bond between you and your sponsored child. We’ll send you a Welcome Pack the moment your sponsorship begins and you will receive three updates throughout the year from us about your child – a home visit report, birthday update and a handwritten letter/drawing from your sponsored child.

We allocate the different sponsorship amounts you generously pledge according to the type of support needed by the children in our care. Your donation will help towards the costs of education, food security, health, psychosocial support, income generating activities and so much more!

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