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Main FAQ

What Communications Do I Receive As a Nasio Trust Child Sponsor?

Once you become a Child Sponsor you will receive a Welcome Pack that includes a photo of your sponsored child, their family history, plus specific details on how your sponsored child will benefit from your sponsorship. Each year you will receive an updated photograph of your sponsored child. You will also receive an Annual Report […]

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What if My Sponsored Child Leaves the Nasio Trust Programme?

There are a number of reasons why a child might leave our care and therefore no longer be eligible for your support. Sometimes all the child’s relatives in the area die or become too old. Distant relatives sometimes take the children to a new location away from our projects in this instance. Breakdown of family […]

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Can I Send Letters and Gifts to the Child I Sponsor?

Letters: We happily encourage our sponsors to write to their sponsored child. Due to the often unreliable postal service in Kenya, we’ll often scan and email your letters to ensure they are received in good time. The easiest way to send letters is through The Nasio UK Office address at: or by email to […]

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Can I Visit My Sponsored Child?

Your visit to see your sponsored child will be a trip of a lifetime, it is also a fantastic opportunity to experience first-hand how The Nasio Trust’s work makes a real difference to your sponsored child and their community. It can be a huge boost to community morale and will leave you and your sponsored […]

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Will I Need to Undertake a Police Check to Visit My Sponsored Child?

Child Protection is at the heart of all we do. We have a responsibility to the children and the communities we work with to keep them safe, so in line with our child protection policies we ask all visitors to complete a background police check before visiting one of our programme areas. Our Nasio team […]

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What is the cost of School Fees?

Unlike the UK all children is Kenya have to pay for their education. The cost of education is as follows: Pre-Primary £300 per year (£25 per month) Primary £300 per year (£25 per month) Secondary £600 per year (£50 per month) Tertiary £600 per year (£50 per month) As a Child Sponsor you can pay […]

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What is the Education System like in Kenya?

The education system currently used in Kenya is the 2-8-4-4 system, which means: 2 – Two years at an ECD (Early Childhood Education Centre) (Aged 4+) 8 – Eight years to be spent in Primary Education (Aged 6+) 4 – Four years to be spent in Secondary Education (Aged 14+) 4 – Then four years […]

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How is my Sponsorship Money Used?

The sponsorship money you send is added to that from other people who sponsor children at our Early Childhood Development Centres. Your money goes a long way in Kenya and your support enables The Nasio Trust to provide direct benefits to the children including health care, education and meals, and also goes towards our general […]

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